New Book: ElasticSearch Server!

es_coverIn the blog post dedicated to Solr 4.0 Cookbook we give a small hint that cookbook was not the only project that occupies our free time. Today we can officially say that a few month of hard work is slowly coming to an end –  we can announce a new book about one of the greatest piece of open-source software – ElasticSearch Server book!

ElasticSearch server book describes the most important and commonly used features of ElasticSearch (at least from our perspective). Example of topics discussed:

  • ElasticSearch installation and configuration
  • Static and dynamic index structure creation
  • Querying ElasticSearch with Query DSL explained
  • Using filters
  • Faceting
  • Routing
  • Indexing data that is not flat

We also talk about:

  • Autocomplete and how to implement it using ElasticSearch
  • Percolator – what is it and how to use it
  • ElasticSearch monitoring and being a fireman
  • And much, much more 🙂

Eventhough we work with ElasticSearch everyday, we realized how big it was after digging into all the functionalities and cases. Because of that we were not able to describe all the features, but we hope we were able to choose the ones that are the most interested and needed.

Do you think that we should start writing about new enterprise search engine on ? 🙂


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