Solr 9.0 – Rate Limits

The newest Solr version that is on its road to being released at the time when this blog post is published will bring many new features, changes, improvements, and bug fixes. Among one of the new additions to this search engine is search limiting. It allows us to limit the number of requests per given request type – for each search on a per JVM basis. Let’s quickly look into the functionality that we will soon have at our disposal.

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Solr & CVE-2021-44228

Solr versions 7.4.0 to 7.7.3 and 8.0.0 to 8.11.0 is affected by the critical log4j library vulnerability and should be upgraded to 8.11.1 as soon as the new version is released.

For now you can mitigate the issue by doing one of the following:

  • manually upgrading Apache Solr log4j2 library
  • adding SOLR_OPTS=”$SOLR_OPTS -Dlog4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true” to file
  • if using Prometheus Exporter adding JAVA_OPTS=”$JAVA_OPTS -Dlog4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true” to the solr-exporter script

More information on official Solr webpage.