Solr 3.1 Cookbook

The book is focused on the 3.1 version of Solr. The content is divided into ten thematic chapters, each of which consists of a few to several subsections. The book is maintained in the convention cookbook which means that it is not a guide from A to Z about Solr – it is a ready-made solutions to some of the problems that can be encountered while working with Solr.

The book will include topics such as:

  • Indexing the data in different formats and forms
  • Using and understanding the administration panel
  • Different techniques of data grouping
  • Solr performance lifting techniques
  • Creation of your own Solr modules
  • Indexing the data using the Data Import Handler
  • The use of phrases, sorting and spatial searching

If you are interested, please refer to the Packt Publishing page:


We would look to ensure that the reception of the book should be as good as possible and because we have found some mistakes in the book we decided to write a little errata. We sincerely apologize for all the error and mistakes.

Page 20

If You use Solr newer than 3.1 you can run into problems when using the threshold option in the solrconfig.xml file. To avoid it please change the following:

<str name=”threshold”>2</str>


<float name=”threshold”>2</float>

Pages 28 – 29

Double $ characters

In examples on pages 28 – 29 there are some additional $ characters added. For example:


Please ignore the additional $ character.

File name and directory mistake

On page 28 the following sentence is printed:

Now add the file named nutch to the directory $$NUTCH_HOME/crawl/nutch/site.

This sentence should be as follows:

Now add the file named site to the directory $NUTCH_HOME/crawl/nutch/.

Page 32

Page 32 of the book contain additional sentence which should be there: “There is one more thing before you can run the IndexSorter tool“. Please ignore that sentence.