Near future plans

Surely you noticed a decreased activity of But this is not related to preparations for winter sleep. We are not bored also. The reason is the hot period in relation to the project deadline, which we perform within our professional work. In addition, the rest of our free time is occupied by two subjects which are mentioned below.

Lucene Eurocon 2011

The first subject is the preparation for the upcoming Lucene Eurocon 2011 conference in Barcelona, ​​where we will have the pleasure to give a talk during the second day. For more details click here. The full plan for the upcoming conference can be found here. Come and join us!

The second theme, associated with the first, is a new feature on Often when working with Solr we need to determine why the document occurred or not in the results list, why such a score value of a given document and what affects given score value. Solr provides some tools here, but this information is not too clear and with a little more complex queries can result in a headache 🙂 The functionality we are talking about is intended to present this information in a more readable form, and we hope that will help you to work with Solr 🙂 More information will be shown during the presentation on the second day of Lucene Eurocon 2011 and after the premiere

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