Lucene and Solr 7.0

Today is a special day for the Apache Lucene and Solr community! We are very happy that we can say that the next major version of Apache Lucene library and Solr search server have been released. This time they are both numbered 7.0 and this is another major step in the open-source world of full-text search. Let’s have a look of what changes we can expect in this awesome products.

Some of the changes in the Lucene library:

  • Doc values have been switched from being random access to being iterators
  • New 7.0 codec is better when it comes to sparse doc values, which results in better indexing speed and search on sparse values
  • Index time boost has been removed
  • Simplification of query scoring by removing coord factor and query time normalization
  • Lucene now records version which was used to write the index and the version used to its modification

Some of the changes in the Solr search engine:

  • All Trie types have been deprecated – users should use the new Point types
  • The default Solr response format is now indented JSON
  • Index boosting have been removed
  • JMX MBeans have been renamed to match metrics API
  • The <jmx> tag support was removed – to achieve the same functionality you can use SolrJmxReporter
  • Default Boolean operator can be only set using the q.op parameter
  • Default search field can be only set using the df parameter
  • The following field types have been deprecated:
    • LatLonType
    • GeoHashField
    • SpatialPointVectorFieldType
    • SpatialTermQueryPrefixTreeFieldType
  • Solr API v2 is now available as /api and /v2, the old API is still available under /solr context
  • SolrJ library support API v2
  • New replica types are now available – TLOG and PULL, the old replication behavior in SolrCloud is still there now called NRT
  • Refinements in JSON Facet API
  • You can now use DSL to assign replicas to Solr nodes
  • New default configuration has been introduced – called _default, which will be used when no collection configuration has been specified during collection creation

Of course, Apache Lucene 7.0 library and Solr 7.0 are fully compatible with the Java version 9.

The full list of changes in the Lucene library can be found at the following address The full list of changes in the Solr search engine can be found at

Apache Lucene library in version 7.0 can be found at Solr search engine version 7.0 can be found at

Happy searching 🙂

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