Solr Cookbook, Third Edition

cookbook thirdAs usual when we are not updating for a long time that doesn’t mean that we are not doing anything. Similar to the previous period of silence we were writing. This time, after two years of from Apache Solr 4 Cookbook publication we are proud to announce that this Monday – 26.01.2015 Solr Cookbook Third Edition will be published.

Similar to the previous edition of cookbook, we took the time to rebuild the book and all recipes were updated, half of the previous content has been thrown away and new content was added. The very important thing in our minds is that Solr Cookbook Third Edition covers Solr 4.x version (basing on the newest 4.10.3 version of Solr) and Solr 5.0 which should be released very soon.

The book is targeting beginners and intermediate users working with Apache Solr. You’ll find recipes that should make your life easier when you take the first steps with Solr and when you are encountering common problems that intermediate users tend to struggle with. However I don’t recommend the book for those of you who knows everything about Solr – you may find parts of the book interesting, but this book is not directed to you.

The list of chapters from the book is as follows:

  1. Apache Solr Configuration
  2. Indexing Your Data
  3. Analyzing Your Text Data
  4. Querying Solr
  5. Faceting
  6. Improving Solr Performance
  7. In the Cloud
  8. Using Additional Solr Functionalities
  9. Dealing with Problems
  10. Real-life Situations

More information about the book itself with a free chapter (which will be available after official publication of the book) can be found on Packt Publishing web page dedicated to the book –

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