6 deadly sins in the context of query

In my work related to Lucene and Solr I have seen various queries. While in the case of Lucene, developer usually knows what he/she wants to achieve and use more or less optimal solution, but when it comes to Solr it is not always like this. Solr is a product which could theoretically be used by everyone, both the person who knows Java, one that does not have a broad and specialized technical knowledge, as well as programmer. Precisely because of that Solr is a product which is easy to run and use it, at least when it comes to simple functionalities. I suppose, that is why not many people are worried about reading Solr wiki or at least review the mailing list. As a result, sooner or later people tend to make mistakes. Those errors arise from various shortcomings – lack of knowledge about Solr, lack of skills, lack of experience or simply a lack of time and tight deadlines. Today I would like to show some major mistakes when submitting queries to Solr and how to avoid those mistakes.

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