Apache Solr 9.3

It is a pleasure to inform you that the new version of the Solr search server has been released. It is the next release from the 9.x branch and it is numbered 9.3.

Some of the changes introduced in Solr 9.3:

  • Solr now provides the Install Shard API that allows deploying shards that were built offline.
  • Support for byte vector encoding in DenseVectorField and KnnQParser.
  • High dimensional vectors support.
  • Function queries for dense vector similarity were added.
  • The join query parser can now join collections with multiple shards on both sides.
  • Various bug fixes, improvements, and dependencies upgrades including Lucene 9.7.0

We encourage you to read the whole list of changes at: https://solr.apache.org/docs/9_3_0/changes/Changes.html.

Apache Solr 9.3 can be downloaded from https://dlcdn.apache.org/solr/.

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