Lucene & Solr 5.2

It is again nice to announce that today a new version of Lucene library and Solr search server has been released. It is another release from the 5.x branch and it is numbered 5.2. This release is definitely worth checking, especially for Solr users,of new features coming to this search server.

Some of the changes included in the Lucene library:

  • Span queries now share parts of the code with Boolean queries
  • New span queries types were added – SpanWithinQuery and SpanContainingQuery
  • New Geo3d API has been introduced, with partial Spatial4j integration
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes

Some of the changes in the Solr search server:

  • Internal Jetty has been upgraded to version 9
  • Core backup and restore using API calls has been introduced
  • New facet.range.method parameter was added to allow choosing between filter based range faceting and DocValues based one
  • Authentication and authorization API has been added allowing us to add such implementations to Solr
  • We can now use rules when we create collections to define where shards should be placed
  • Streaming expressions were added (SOLR-7377)
  • Changes incorporated from Lucene 5.2

The full list of changes in Lucene library is available at
. Full list of changes in Solr search server is available at

Apache Lucene library 5.2 can be downloaded from: If you want to download Solr search server 5.2 go to

Note: when this post was published not all Apache mirrors had Apache Lucene and Solr 5.2 on them. Also there were no official mail announcing the release.

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