Lucene and Solr 8.5.0

It is a pleasure to inform that the new version of the Lucene library and Solr search server has been released. It is the next release from the 8.x branch and it is numbered 8.5.0. This release introduces fixes for the bugs found in the previous versions along with new features.

Some of the changes that are introduced to Lucene library include:

  • Added LatLonShape and XYShape to point and distance queries
  • Added maxQueryLength option to DirectSpellchecker
  • WhitespaceAnalyzer is now allowed to set a maxTokenLength other than the default of 255
  • QueryBuilder can now use BoostAttributes to boost particular terms or synonyms in parsed queries
  • Reduced AutomatonTermsEnum memory usage

Some of the changes that were introduced to Solr include:

  • New postlog command-line tool for indexing Solr logs has been introduced
  • Introduced uniqueJoin aggregation
  • Synonyms can now be individually boosted
  • 20 resource leak warnings in SolrJ have been eliminated
  • Filter in Boolean query parser in Query DSL is are now cached by default

The full list of changes in the Apache Lucene library is available at, full list of changes in the Solr search engine is available at

Apache Lucene library 8.5.0 can be downloaded from If you want to download Solr search server 8.5.0 go to

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