Lucene and Solr 6.0

We are very pleased that we can inform that today, Lucene and Solr 6.0 has been released. It is a next major release, planned for a longer time now which cuts down backwards compatibility. Let’s look what are the changes included in this version.

Some of the changes included in the Lucene library:

  • Java 8 is the minimum version you can use with Lucene from now
  • BM25 is the default similarity model now, replacing the TF/IDF one
  • Spatial module no longer depends on third-party libraries
  • Legacy numeric types (like int, float, long, double, LatLonField) have been replaced with new Dimensional points that are faster and less memory demanding
  • TermsQuery is now faster because of more aggressive caching

Some of the changes in the Solr search server:

  • Default similarity configuration has been altered to provide better relevancy
  • Default similarity has been changed from TF/IDF to BM25
  • DefaultSimilarityFactory has been removed
  • Schema API methods allowing retrieval of information are now available in the bulk API
  • Deprecated SolrServer has been removed and replaced by SolrClient class
  • Parallel SQL has been introduced allowing to use SQL query language with SolrCloud
  • Basic graph traversal query
  • First release of cross data center replication
  • The /sql, /export and /stream handlers are now available by default and removed from solrconfig.xml file
  • Changes related to Lucene 6.0

The full list of changes in Lucene library is available at
. Full list of changes in Solr search server is available at

Apache Lucene library 6.0 can be downloaded from: If you want to download Solr search server 6.0 go to

Happy searching 😉

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