Lucene & Solr 5.4

Just before the end of the year we are happy to announce that the new version of Lucene library and Solr search server has been release. Of course, this is another release from the 5.x branch and it is numbered 5.4. Let’s take a look on what changes were introduced to those products.

Some of the changes included in the Lucene library:

  • MatchAllDocsQuery just got faster
  • Filter class is now deprecated and you should use FILTER clause in BooleanQuery
  • Serbian language filter has been introduced
  • Query caching is now enabled by default in IndexSearcher
  • DefaultSimilarity class has been renamed to ClassicSimilarity

Some of the changes in the Solr search server:

  • New UI, based on AngularJS is now linked from the existing UI and is planned to be the default in 5.5
  • Filter cache can now be accessed in solr query syntax using filter
  • We can now control the execution type of JSON facets using the method parameter
  • Basic authentication support has been added to SolrJ
  • Changes incorporated from Lucene 5.4

The full list of changes in Lucene library is available at
. Full list of changes in Solr search server is available at

Apache Lucene library 5.4 can be downloaded from: If you want to download Solr search server 5.4 go to

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