Professionally we build and implement search solutions. This page is just our way to share our thoughts and news from the world of Solr and Lucene.

Currently core consists of:

Rafał Kuć
Marek Rogoziński

In addition, the author of some of the entries (the “Car sale application” series) is:

Rafał Andrzejewski

Any opinions appearing in this site are the opinions of the authors of individual entries and in no way
should be treated as the opinions of the companies the authors work with.

We try to make the service open and independent, so anyone willing to write something about the broad “enterprise search” topic is welcome.

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One thought on “Information

  • 21 November 2019 at 21:31

    Hello experts,

    I have found your blog to be very helpful for several answers which might not be very obvious at times from the Documentation. So thank you! I have a question regarding upgrading to Solr 8.2.

    We are planning to upgrade our SolrCloud cluster from 7.2.1 (hosted on Windows server) to 8.2.
    I read the documentation which mentions that I need to be on Solr 7.3 and higher to be able to upgrade to 8.x. I want to know if this is a hard requirement or a requirement for rolling upgrades (?).
    Let’s say I am fine with bringing the whole cluster down and upgrade all the nodes to Solr 8.2, and then bring up one node at a time. Will it be ok to upgrade directly from 7.2.1 to 8.2 in that case?


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