Solr 3.1 Cookbook

With the approaching release date we would like to present a new position for Solr, which will soon (planned release date June 2011) be released on the market – “Solr 3.1 Cookbook“. Of course we are proud to say, that the book is written by one of us 😉

The book is focused on the latest available version of Solr server – the 3.1. The content is divided into ten thematic chapters, each of which consists of a few to several subsections. The book is maintained in the convention cookbook which means that it is not a guide from A to Z about Solr – it is a ready-made solutions to some of the problems that can be encountered while working with Solr.

The book will include topics such as:

  • Indexing the data in different formats and forms
  • Using and understanding the administration panel
  • Different techniques of data grouping
  • Solr performance lifting techniques
  • Creation of your own Solr modules
  • Indexing the data using the Data Import Handler
  • The use of phrases, sorting and spatial searching

If you are interested, please refer to the Packt Publishing page:

5 thoughts on “Solr 3.1 Cookbook

  • 12 May 2011 at 19:15


    I would like to buy it, where I can find a preview of the Book?



  • 12 May 2011 at 19:21


    I hope that as soon as the editorial process will end the book will be available for preview at Packt Publishing page provided in this entry.


  • 13 July 2011 at 20:01

    do you know when this book will be published in July?

    • 13 July 2011 at 20:13

      The book is finished and the last prefinal drafts are accepted. It shouldn’t be long now, sorry for the delay, but it’s not my fault ;(


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